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Clive, Phil, Walter and Francis–Experts All

Are we nothing more than Sirs Walter “Have a smoke!” Raleigh (1552-1618) and Francis “Armada, Schmarmada!” Drake (1545-1596), distant relatives and budding seeds of what was to become the British Empire which opened the doors to “experthood” for the rest of us?

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Nuke China! But not while I’m here.

Then somebody brought up the fact that the US dollar is smaller than the Canadian dollar, which, I guess, is tangentially pertinent to the Dalai Lama’s visit, and this diversion from China to Canada elicited this remark: “I’m an American living in Canada for past 5 years. If it’s ANYTHING American..they dont want us. These people are some of the most rude, arrogant and backwards people on the planet..they just have everyone else fooled with their friendly smiles when they come down to the States to vacation! They HATE us.” Which made me want to respond, let’s nuke Canada, too. Continue reading

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Kunming for M_n_i_g

Dianchi Lake, China’s 6th largest lake in area, might be 143rd in volume because half of it is agri-chem/industrial run-off and the other half is only chest deep. You can’t really drown in it because the pollutants give you buoyancy. But all the fish are dead, so it’s still possible to die in it.

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Mine Eyes Have Seen the “Glory of Superlative-Inspiring Trophy Projects”!

I would never defend China’s ability to screw up, any more than I would defend America’s. Continue reading

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Painted Fish (20 Snapshots of Kunming)

Snapshots of Kunming. Continue reading

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Apocalypse Later

And if Mr. Camping missed the boat, that’s completely inconceivable because he was the first one to lay odds that May 21st was the day, even though historically nothing has ever happened on May 21st and it’s as though May 21st had never even existed until he brought it up–check your calendar! Continue reading

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Seeing Red in China as Tyke Gets Mowed Down

Occasionally gangs of pick-pockets will push people boarding the bus until they’re squeezed so tight that they can neither move nor feel their personal items being stolen. Maybe if the bus monitors would wield those long white truncheons in the same way train station guards do in order to bop unruly passengers on the head who are pushing and hopping barriers to board trains, the bus monitors would… Continue reading

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