Zoroaster or Bureaucrats, Who Came First?


Dear loyal reader(s),

I’m replacing the original post for this date, “Free K.M.J. Zoroaster,” because I’ve never liked it except for the last paragraph (see below). I wrote it almost two months ago, and had managed to keep from publishing it simply by writing new posts and queuing them up first. However, it finally made it to the top of the stack (of one) because for the last two weeks I have been embroiled in a paperwork-war with both the American and Chinese governments and so found myself unable to keep ahead of “Zoroaster.”


The issues at stake are “time and money,” and if you think dealing with a “freely elected” government is any easier than dealing with a “communist” government, then I’ve got news for you–they are both bureaucracies and a pain in the neck, with a disproportionate number of vindictive little people exercising passive-aggressive tendencies with the methodical precision worthy of a Rommel or Patton and who are able to strain information and withhold vital facts in order to keep you running around in circles for months in a bureaucratic maze of their making, who, as they sit ensconced in their cubicles in front of their computers, remain completely untouchable and are impervious to your arguments, your pleadings, or your threats no matter how rational you are or incensed you become, and who continue drinking their coffee, eating their donuts, chuckling up their sleeves and keeping their supervisors in the dark as to the mayhem they are creating as they fragment and ruin the lives of ordinary citizens, and finally, the coup-de-gras, laughing out loud as they reroute, stifle, dead-end, and otherwise send into oblivion all your attempts to make an official complaint. 

You find yourself confused, exasperated and raging against a Kafkaesque wilderness unable to locate or communicate with any decent or rational human being in the “government.” Helpless and with blood boiling and bubbling with acrimony towards these gnome-like creatures, these bureaucratic minions, and fast succumbing to the numbing realization that they have you about the neck exactly like a pit-bull and that you have no chance against them, you begin to hear yourself silently praying that they really won’t be standing with their computers and donuts next to St. Peter telling him who gets in and who doesn’t as you one day stand in line at the Pearly Gates.

As soon as I have regained my composure I’ll be writing again on every second day of the month.

Home:                       FREE K.M.J. ZOROASTER

(Last paragraph:] Starting a church to make money can make you rich, but starting a religion to change the way the world thinks will get you killed. It should be just the other way around. All the prophets, like all the true poets and artists and philosophers, are iconoclasts. Why else do you think they killed Socrates? Iconoclasts don’t last very long if they gather a following. So do it for the money and run.

[I couldn’t find a picture of Zoroaster, so here’s Krishna with a scrofula of bureaucrats.] 


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Twenty years and still alive--in China, that is. I write about China and the world of spirit--all very non-expertly--and whatever else strikes my fancy. You'll find posts on even days of the month.
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