Splodin’ Pandas


This is a review of Splodin’ Pandas (http://www.splodinpandas.wordpress.com) and an open letter to its author:

http://splodinpandas.wordpress.com/2010/10/16/facebook-addiction-disorder-a-new-fad/  1381 words

Splodin’ wrote (his name is Graham): “Facebook is so easy to get hooked into because it is a giant conglomerate of everything one needs to keep track of all of the people in their life, without actually having to talk to them.”

Dear Graham, Well said. I’ve been reading bits and pieces or your blog since you got ‘pressed,’ and the reason I’m still reading is that you’re honest, thoughtful, and just plain fun to read–and you write every day!

http://splodinpandas.wordpress.com/2010/10/16/mainstream-music-has-feelings-too/  1275 words

Graham: “I hate when people say they hate an artist because they are a sell-out.” If you were offered that kind of money, you would probably take it as well. There’s also this thought among people, especially musicians, that the music industry hampers the creativity of an artist. I think there is always that compromise between what the artist wants to make and what will sell.”

I agree. There’s always a compromise, be it in music or anything else. It’s been that way since we came out of the trees: “I’d rather hunt rabbits than bears, but there’s nothing but bears around here.”

Graham: “Music should not be enjoyed because it is popular or not popular, but because it personally connects with you, and it lets you tap into an inner emotional part of yourself.”

Did you think that up, or, read it somewhere? It’s very good. Where do you find so much time to write?

http://splodinpandas.wordpress.com/2010/10/18/hey-shes-a-nice-lady-not-really/  1030 words

Graham: “But, is it my fault for not always getting a seat? Is it karma’s way of saying that I should be a nicer person? However, that means that if karma wants to punish me for not being nice, that means the other people are not going to be nice, and karma will consequently punish them, probably by having other people not be nice to them. It’s a never-ending cycle of meanness (now there’s some food for thought).”

There’s obviously something wrong with the way karma is explained to us, or maybe we just don’t think of it in the right way.

Graham: “Back in the beginning of my senior year of high school, before I went on snooze auto-pilot for the year, we learned about this principle in psychology class.”

Ah, bringing back memories. I did the auto-snooze in my senior year of both high school and college!

Notwithstanding the “psychology principal” that explains why it is possible for most people to not help another person in difficulty, what would be ideal is if all of us would look out for the other guy and be of service to everyone who crosses our path, even if such “service” means simply to not stare at someone’s thyroid goiter being balanced on her shoulder or carried in a wheelbarrow.

http://splodinpandas.wordpress.com/2011/04/18/momma-bear-and-papa-bear/  648 words

Graham: “When I came to college, I couldn’t believe that there were so many people that have strained relationships with their parents.”

You’re a rare jewel, Splodin’. Folks, read Splodin’ Pandas the next time you want to kill a few hours. It’s fun, and it’s 5-star.

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