Animal Spirits and Power Animals


Any number of indigenous peoples around the world believe that animal spirits, or power animals, play a significant role in human affairs. An array of incantations or other means are used in order to sharpen awareness of, and for connecting with, power animals (or birds). Their influence is sought because they not only protect us but also enhance our perceptivity in both the material and spiritual realms.

But some indigenous peoples say never to seek creatures of the lower orders, especially insects and reptiles. That struck a chord with me because I am sometimes uncomfortable around salamanders. Oh, the creature itself is fine. I was introduced to them in Mrs. Gardner’s second grade class. Though they are not evil per se, I later heard about some shenanigans in something called the “salamander letter,” and that, along with the fact that salamanders can’t get fried in fire, made me think they must inhabit some ‘non-dimensional universe’ strangely attached to our own, a place I didn’t want to go. Besides they are slimy. Snakes in comparison are friendly, fun to handle, and seem like the well-wishers of humankind. They also say to stay away from fish unless you’re having them over for dinner with tartar sauce.

Which brings us to hamsters, which I personally believe don’t make a good choice either. Cute and cheerful, bringers of delight to children everywhere, a lovely colored little rat, small enough if not to be benign, at least incapable of doing much harm. But that’s the drawback in communing with them. Their mass is so slight, zephyr like, light and airy and easily susceptible to being gobbled up by gila monsters.

The one good thing about insects (actually, there are many good things about them) is that, in contrast to reptiles, they can be negotiated with. So can moles–at least the ones in Holland. Oregon insects will respect and abide by the 10% rule. I told them after my garden started coming up to take 10% and leave the rest, then everybody’s happy. The mole man in Holland I heard about asked his moles to set up house in his neighbor’s yard, not his own, and they did.

So that’s it friends, take it or leave it. But remember, we require beliefs half-baked or not, because without beliefs mankind would have to admit that it hasn’t got the slightest grip on ‘reality.’ Isn’t that liberating?

It means that you can believe anything you want as long as it doesn’t “harm” yourself or others, including animals and the earth. What is “harmful” is also a big question, so we appoint judges to tell us, and if what you’re doing is harmful, the judge will tell you and you will then know that you’ve just passed beyond the bounds of ‘reality.’

Any Questions?

Again, animal spirits are never insects, and the dolphin, which is not a fish, is mine.

Insects and the 10% rule in Oregon? True.

Moles in Holland? True.

Salamanders exist, but the ‘non-dimensional universe’ probably doesn’t. I actually like them, along with hamsters and snakes that Mrs. Gardner also brought in for us to observe and handle.


About soaringdragons

Twenty years and still alive--in China, that is. I write about China and the world of spirit--all very non-expertly--and whatever else strikes my fancy. You'll find posts on even days of the month.
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