Stupid’s with Me


Just how stupid must Stupid be?

Everybody’s “cultural” observations vary as much as cultures themselves. One person sees a big difference in the work ethic between Vietnamese and people in the UK, and another sees none. We all have our anecdotes, and I have mine, which are:

Vietnamese will generally work circles around Americans–as individuals and as a group. They live frugally, pool their money, and buy semi-mansions (80%) five years after landing in America on rickety boats.

So, too, the Chinese. In fact, the Chinese will work circles around each other, keeping busy from sun up to sundown. Even the kids. Even the kindergarten kids. It’s enough to make you shake your head with both wonder and some sadness. But that’s just me, a westerner, unaccustomed to demanding extreme discipline and sacrifice from pre-school children.

For the Vietnamese and Chinese the struggle is worth it. Struggle has always been a part of their existence, their history, but now for the first time they can achieve not just survival, but a standard of living that was undreamed of just a couple of decades ago. So, of course, they’re going to be motivated. Everybody in this country is busy, and looking for ways to get ahead. Their worldview is changing, and they’re changing their world.

Americans don’t struggle on a personal level like Chinese and Vietnamese. They don’t have to. They were born into the royal house with riches, so what point is there in it? Their world doesn’t need changing, they feel it just needs fixing, and when somebody comes along and fixes it for them then their chances for getting a good job will improve and their lives will get better. I have no idea if people in the UK feel as royal as the Americans feel. If not, perhaps they have a chance, if they don’t wait around like their cousins.

Meanwhile, the Vietnamese and Chinese are not waiting for anybody.

The above was written as a comment on the below blog’s post:

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