I am (Just Like) You


Why is it a simple matter for us to make someone else happy, but not ourselves? It’s so easy to smile and greet even a stranger, or to offer a compliment, “Hey! Nice car!” “Nice legs!” and leave an impression that lifts the spirit or sweetens the blood, induces health, elevates moods, or makes someone’s day.

But we can’t be friendly to ourselves, why is that? We can’t sweeten our own thoughts or our own day. I can cheer you but not myself? Something’s wrong here, it makes no sense.

But what if you are me–not in the suppositional sense–but in actuality, what if you are literally me? Like sunrays! Do you think sunrays blasting off in all directions from the sun at the speed of light look at each other and say, “We are not the same!” Of course, not, you’d be an idiot to think this. And if you ever told anyone, they might lock you up and turn off all the lights so you could have some peace and quiet and get some sleep.

“God is fully capable of causing all souls to appear in one soul.” You read things like that and the possible number of ways for you to choose to lead your life become infinite. Limitations–“Oh, I can’t act like this, can’t say that, what will they/she/he think?”–melt away. You don’t become courageous, you simply live with a new set of assumptions and beliefs, a new “paradigm,” if you will, and all the warnings and admonitions of your parents, friends, etc., (e.g., “Don’t date her, she’s not our type,” and “You can’t do that, you’re too…”) evaporate like water on a sunny sidewalk, simply because you know that everyone you run across or meet is, at some deep fundamental reality, you, yourself.

In your transformation you don’t suddenly become, say, “honest”–even though your parents and friends might think so–but rather you don’t “lie, cheat, steal, berate, argue, resent, or envy” anyone, because why would you do that, or be that way, to yourself? It’d be nuts. And now you can start doing all those “silly and little” or “big and couragous” things that you’ve never done before for fear that others might criticize or laugh at you, because now you know that they are simply you, yourself yukking at you–what harm can there be in that?

About soaringdragons

Twenty years and still alive--in China, that is. I write about China and the world of spirit--all very non-expertly--and whatever else strikes my fancy. You'll find posts on even days of the month.
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